Construction Dimgram
 Permeable brick
 Coarse sand layer thickness 30 mm
 Non-woven fabric
 Crash stone layer thickness 100-150 mm
 Roadbed hardness CBR3
Construction Proceture
  • Use transfer press machine to evenly press the construction area to increase strength. If the work area does not achieve the CBR3 standard, soil stability treatment must be performed.
  • For road surfaces with poor water discharge, crash stones shall be used to increase the thickness of the crashed stone. And they shall be evenly pressed. (C30-40 is approximately 100-150 mm thick.)
  • To protect the coarse sand on top of the crashed stone layer from wash out, a layer non-woven fabric shall be installed.
  • After the foundation is completed, they shall be evenly pressed to ensure uniform density in the work area. The standard for the coarse sand quantity used shall produce 30 mm sand layer thickness after press.
  • After the product installation is completed, they shall be adjusted and pressed (please hammer with plastic hammers).
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