Thermal Insulation :
The material is a poor thermal conductor, making it ideal for thermal insulation layers on the roof and curtain walls. It keeps the area under the bricks in the shade and lowers the room temperature.
Sound absorbent :
The entire structure is a porous combination of irregular particles, with excellent sound absorbing effects.
Permeable, retains water, provides ventilation :
In the summertime, moisture in the stratum evaporates and rises through the porous bricks, thus lowering the environmental temperature; in the winter, heat from the warm underground environment can diffuse through the porous bricks, thus balancing the temperature above ground.
Colorful :
Many combinations of patterns are suitable for street landscaping; the highly reflective nature of the material also enhances nighttime safety.
Light Weight :
Lighter than concrete blocks or other bricks of the same volume, easy to handle with increased workability.
Application Scopes :
1. Sidewalks, pavement and drainage facilities for landscaping and plazas.
2. Upper Cover of gutter system.
3. Drainage pavement for parking lots, stations, pedestrian areas, playgrounds, etc.
4. Pest & pollution proof covers for sewers.
Grass-friendly :
Since it is porous and retains water, it is ideal for growing plants. Suitable for outdoor gardens.
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