Products Lightweight Bubble Brick
Red Brick
(1/2B) (23x11x6cm)
Fireproof 3 hours 2 hours
Soundproof 44 (STC) 40 (STC)
Thermal conductivity 0.3099 (W/m.k) 1.383 kcal/m2h°C
Compressive strength 64kgf/cm2 120kgf/cm2
Melting Point 1600°C 800°C
Dry Density 500~600kg/m3 2100kg/m3
Construction method Wet, dry and semi-wet Wet
Speed of Construction About 20m²/day/person About 10m²/day/person
Construction Management Fast-speed construction,
easy to manage, clean construction site
Dirty construction site,
hard to manage
Waste collection Less waste, low waste collection High consumption, many waste,
high waste collection
Pipe Work Easy to cut Not AllowedO.K.Takes time and labor
Environmental Non-polluted manufacturing process WeakWeakEnvironment pollution and
about to eliminate
Cost Effectiveness EasyEasyDifficultLightweight,
low structure cost, seismic resistance
DifficultDifficultHigh structure loading and
impracticable for high rise building
Size Basic size 60x20x10cm
Basic size 60x20x20cm
Other size enables customization
One size only
The specific weight of Lightweight Bubble Brick is lower than traditional red brick but is intensity.
The material is solid and similar to that in red brick but won't shrink,crackle and has efflorescence like ordinary cement products.
1.Like red bricks, use the traditional wet construction to pile up. However, the light weighted speed up the construction.
2.With the effects of fireproof, soundproof, thermal resistance, you can have a safe and comfortable living environment.
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