1 Lightweight and Seismic Resistance

Lightweight Bubble Brick, a block under the cell structure, is low density, solid and lightweight. The weight of this product is one third less than red brick. Under the condition of lightweight, it effectively reduces the loading of main structure to improve the strength of seismic resistance.
2 Fireproof
This product is recently the best fireproof brick and the partition construction. The reason is that it is the mixture of siliceous materials and calcium materials, takes shape by the process of special construction, use high press steam curing, pass the Fire Resistance Test of CNS 12514 of over 3-hour fireproofed. The fireproof performance is stronger than traditional brick wall.
3 Thermal Insulation
The cells structure and siliceous materials in the Lightweight Bubble Brick is made out of the non-combustible material so it has low thermal conductivity and can be used as thermal insulation material for exterior walls and garret in building. In summer, Lightweight Bubble Bricks can effectively block out the outdoor temperature and reduce the air-conditioner consumption. In winter, they can keep the room temperature and reduce the usage of heater, which meets the need of energy saving and carbon reduction in the recent time.
4 Soundproof
As for soundproof, the Lightweight Bubble Brick has an outstanding performance. It is good for the building in all kinds of soundproof and partition walls because the bricks can effectively isolate the indoor and outdoor sound.
5 Low Water Permeability Moisture Resistance
The structure of Lightweight Bubble Brick consist of a number of small cells. All the cells are in independent and seal type and the cell diameter is about 1-2 mm. Therefore, it can effectively stop the water spreading. The Lightweight Bubble Brick made by unique manufacturing process is solid but in low density, enables to adjust room humidity. Due to the quick drainage, the living environment will be always comfortable and won't have efflorescence happened on the wall.
6 Exact Size
Applying the patent cutting equipment to cut an even and smooth product with exact size. For that reason, the finished wall is very complete. The workers can putty and paint directly on the wall and improve the speed of construction.
7 Economy Construction
The weight of brick is light so while made the brick, we enlarge its size to 20*20*60 cm, the same size as those of 24 red bricks. For that reason, we save a lot of material. In terms of trim size, because the measurement of Lightweight Bubble Bricks is more accurate, it can save the use of cement mortar as well.
8 Environmental Friendly
Lightweight Bubble Brick is made out of the recycle and reused materials. Its manufacturing process is low energy consumption with no chemical materials in it, which is a good green building material not only with no harm for human body, save energy but reduce waste.
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